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YG-CBRZLCompuerized auto wire cutting stripping winding and tie-up machine
Product Details:

Characteristic description
1. This machine uses Mitsubishi PLC and human-machine interface touch screen, Mitsubishi servo motor, SMC cylinder, FESTO solenoid valve in Germany, Europe, Japan.Mlon OMRON inductor, Japanese THK linear guide and so on. Touch screen operation is easy to learn and understand.
2. The control system of Mitsubishi Company of Japan is adopted. Mitsubishi PLC controller cooperates with full servo motor control to make the position of wire feeding, cutting, winding and wiring more precise and stable.Automatic cutting, stripping, winding and wiring, computer control, fully automatic operation, without manual help, high efficiency, fast speed, neat and standardized stripping, no injury Wire skin inner core.

power AC 3/220V(380V)
Cutting length ≥100mm
Stripping length Customization can be made when domestic demand is longer than 20 mm on one side 
Length precision ±1mm
Cutting length ≥100mm
Control model Inching, single action and automatic (continuous)
Exfoliation accuracy ±0.5mm
Working efficiency ?5.5mm 5m long 350pcs/h; 10m long 250pcs/h
wire range Network cable, power cord, electronic cable
Applicable line diameter Max?15mm
Appearance size 1650x1000x1800mm
weight 680Kg

Recommended model

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