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YG-G10Servo Automatic Double Head Rubber Shell Tin Machine
Product Details:

 一、product presentation()
1. The main components are imported brands: FESTO solenoid valve in Germany, SMC solenoid valve in Japan, SMC cylinder in Japan, Mitsubishi motor servo in Japan, THK wire in Japan.Rod guideway, Japan SMC digital display barometer, Japan OMRON temperature control meter, Taiwan Weilun WEINVIEW display screen, etc.
2. The control system of Mitsubishi Company of Japan is adopted. Mitsubishi PLC controller cooperates with full servo motor control to make the positions of wire feeding, wire cutting, peeling, pressing end and rubber inserting case more convenient.In order to be precise and stable, all imported components are used to move smoothly and smoothly with better quality, more durable, smooth and stable operation.
3. Use touch screen touch control to adjust, including: cutting length, peeling length, half peeling length, pressing end accuracy, inserting shells position, inserting shells depth automatic operation, filing.File storage is completed.
4. the use of advanced quality detection system, terminal pressure management device, terminal tension detection, CCD vision system detection.
5. Adopt advanced automatic fault detection and warning system: low pressure, abnormal motor, abnormal belt, etc. When abnormal, it can stop automatically and show the cause of the fault, which is convenient and rapid.Troubleshooting;
6. Please go to www.unrealtorrents.com to enjoy the working video.

型號 YG-G10
電源 AC 220V / 50/60HZ單相
機器功能 單端剝皮、雙端剝皮、單端打端、單端插膠殼、單端半剝、單端扭線、雙端沾錫、雙端插膠殼
電線顏色 對應12種顏色(相同規格)
生產能力 1800條/小時(視線材而定)
可加工電線范圍 AWG #30-AWG #18
切斷長度 85mm-700mm
剝皮長度 0.5mm-10mm
檢測裝置 氣壓報警、包膠進出、漏打、插入檢測、端子有無、視覺電腦裝置
壓著能力 2.0T
空氣壓力 3-7kgf(需使用清潔空氣)
機體尺寸 L1500mm×W1200mm×H1680mm(不含凸起物)
機體重量 620kg

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