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YGG20P Intelligent multi-function double-heads cable machine
Product Details:

  1. This machine adopts Panasonic or MITSUBISHI control system and Panasonic or MITSUBISHI servo system to achieve precision,efficiency and stability.
  2. Touch screen manipulation mode adjustment,including:line length,stripping length,playing end position,etc.,all touch screen adjustmen;operation of the whole process,a look at that will be ,one person operating more than one device.
  3. The product function,two terminal crimping terminals,suitable for cable,double line,electronic wire;can be processed in the completion of the equipment,noreplacement parts,only minor adjustments can be achieved,the use of a machine,reduce equipment investment.
  4. Apply terminal type, PH,XH,ZH,SCN,SM,VH,DuPont and other continuous terminal crimping.
  5. Stability,use eccentric shaft,terminal pressure balance,press neat,finished product rate is high,cam drive structure,control line action steady and fast.
  6. High efficiency,the pressure speed 20pin line up to 18000PCS/H,the machine can work for 24 hours;8 electronic lines up to 12000PCS/H,(line of sight and fixed).
  7. Special function,A,B end interval positive negative pressure cable terminal,2-20P,double line 5 and 1,the electronic line can also 1 cut of 8.
    Basic parameter   Name Intelligent multi-function double-head cable machine (Panasonic or Mitsubishi servo system)YG-G20P
  Outline size L1800mm X W1400mm X H1550mm
Weight 450KG
Power Supply AC220V50HZ
Rated current 15A
Power 4000W
Working pressure 0.4MPa-0.6MPa,
Place space 2米 X 3米
Work environment The ground is flat and strong, dry and free of direct sunlight.
  Functional parameter Terminal efficiency 20pin cable up to 18000PCS/H; 8pin cable up to 12000PCS/H
Special function A, B end interval positive and negative pressure end, B end can be half stripped or fully stripped
Cable 2-20, double parallel line can be 1 out of 5 at the same time
Steerable pressing, crimping at both ends, single-end pressing, spacer pressing, positive and negative pressing, etc.
The electronic line can be 5-8 at the same time
Die replacement The die can be replaced, the card mold can be replaced quickly.
Debugging Easy commissioning, wire feeding, split length, cut-off, stripping full servo control
  Traverse parameter Cut length 55-850mm
A end peeling length 0-7mm
B end peeling length 0-9mm
Wire type AWG28#-18# Cable, electronic line
Max width 30 mm
Maximum row P number 20P

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