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YG-G120/YG-G240 new energy automatic computer cutting and stripping machine
Product Details:

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1.The main components are imported brands: SMC solenoid valves, SMC cylinders, Japan Mitsubishi Motor Server adopts the control system of Mitsubishi Company of Japan to make wire feeding, cutting, and so on. Peeling position is more accurate and stable.
2. This machine is a new type of cable processing equipment controlled by micro-computer. It is mainly aimed at the new cable processing equipment. Processing of large cables for energy charging guns, electric power and other industries. At the end, the processing difficulty of the square line is solved.
3. Automatic tangent and stripping of insulating skin at both ends. At the same time, multi-layer stripping can be carried out. Belt type is adopted.Drive, no indentation.
4. YG-G120 can easily process cables within 120 square meters; YG-G240 can easily process cables.Cables within 240 square meters.


Type YG-G120 YG-G240
strip line range 10-120mm2 16-240mm2
strip line length 10-99999mm 10-99999mm
tangent precision  ≤0.2%mm  ≤0.2%mm
exfoliation length line skinning 1-260mm,line tail peeling 1-120mm line skinning 1-600mm,line tail peeling1-280mm
max diameter ?30mm ?50mm
drive mode 8 Independent servo drive
save program 0-99 cable processing data
blade material import high speed steel
line speed
0.9m/s 0.8m/s
yield  500-1000 pcs/h (depending on the length of the line)  500-800 pcs/h(depending on the length of the line)
power 220V  50Hz 220V  50HZ
motor power 2.3KW 2.3KW
pressuer wheel setting digital control of motor drive and compaction
air pressure 0.2-0.6mpa 0.2-0.6mpa
Peeling layer 2 layer 3 layer
weight 500 kg  600 kg
sizw 1300 x 850 x 1280mm 1600 x 850 x 1380mm

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