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YG-G9 Server Automatic Through Plastic Machine
Product Details:

一、:Product Presentation
1. The main components are imported brands: Germany FESTO solenoid valve, Japan SMC solenoid valve, Japan SMC cylinder, Japan Mitsubishi motor servo, Japan THK screw guide, Japan SMC digital pressure detection meter, Japan Omron OMRON temperature control table, Taiwan Weilun WEINVIEW display and so on.
2, using Japan's Mitsubishi control system, servo motor, accurate, efficient, stable;
3, using touch screen touch adjustment, including: wire length, strip length, half strip length, insert shell position, insert shell depth, file storage and other health completion;
4, using advanced quality inspection system, terminal pressure management device, terminal pull force detection, CCD vision system detection.
5, using advanced fault removal system, automatic detection, low air pressure, motor abnormality, belt abnormality, etc., can automatically stop when abnormal, and show the cause of the fault, convenient and quick troubleshooting;
6, the best features are simple adjustment technology, short adjustment time, can greatly reduce the tuning time;
7. The touch screen adjusts the position of the end, and the terminal is more accurate and stable.

Model YG-G9
Power AC 220V / 50/60HZ single-phase
Function Wire cutting, stripping a single-ended, double-end strip, single-ended playing end, single-end first plastic shell, semi-stripping single-ended, single-ended twisting, single-ended Wetting
Wire color Corresponding to 12 colors (same size)
Capacity 1800pcs/h
Wire range AWG #28-AWG #18
Cutting length 40mm-3000mm
Cutting accuracy 1mm+ cut length × 0.1% or less
Opening length 0-8mm
Twist length
Wetting length 0.5mm-8mm
Crushing ability 2.0T
Air pressure 3-7kgf(
Dimension 1900×950×1680mm
Weight 560kg

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