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YG-GZ5 heavy breaststroke intelligent machine actinomycetes
Product Details:

Features Description

  1. The company designed to create a heavy frog intelligent actinomycetes machine is a pay-off machine, cable reel composed of two parts. According to the outer diameter of the spool of different sizes were developed three targeted models: (1) YG-GZ5 + X applies bobbin outer diameter &oslash;400mm ~ &oslash;800mm; (2) YG-GZ5 applicable bobbin outer diameter &oslash;500mm ~ &oslash;1000mm; (3 ) YG-GZ5 + D applies bobbin outer diameter &oslash;630mm ~ &oslash;1250mm, against the bobbin is clamped at both ends. The first load specifications within 750Kg; paragraph specifications load within 950Kg; the third paragraph within specifications load 1200Kg; the device draws frog prostrate low center of gravity, good stability principle, both on the fast bobbin but smooth and safe work.

  2. Using high-power main motor, inverter control to work, equipped with lift gear motor, adjust the front part of the bobbin gripping the desired angle control when the spool; configuration allows air disc brakes put-ray machine at any time to stop the discharge line .

  3. Autonomously regulate the discharge line speed, speed, play well with the cable reel line is stored and can be timely and appropriate delivery of the required wire length according to the requirements of the host, the host can work with coordination.

  4. Single people can easily solve independently on spools problems, reduce costs and greatly improve the efficiency, easy to learn and easy to operate, is the modernization of production processes in rare good helper.

Technical Parameters:

machine type YG-GZ 5 + X YG-GZ 5 YG-GZ 5 + D
power supply Three-phase 380V
The main motor 5.5KW inverter motor + 5.5K 7.5KW inverter motor + 7.5K 7.5KW inverter motor + 7.5K
Get-line Express slow line sensor, automatic feed line, automatic brake
Deadweight 750Kg 950Kg 1200Kg
Applicable bobbin &Oslash;400mm ~ &Oslash;800mm &Oslash;500mm ~ &Oslash;1000mm &Oslash;630mm ~ &Oslash;1250mm
physical dimension Actinomycetes machine 1450mm * 1380mm * 1260mm
 cable reel 500mm * 600mm * 1800mm
Actinomycetes machine 1800mm * 1500mm * 1350mm
 cable reel 500mm * 600mm * 1800mm
Actinomycetes machine 2050mm * 1720mm * 1580mm
 cable reel 500mm * 600mm * 1800mm
weight Actinomycetes machine 1020Kg
cable reel 180Kg
Actinomycetes machine 1200Kg
 cable reel 180Kg
Actinomycetes machine 1600Kg
 cable reel 180Kg

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