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YGGZ3D super speed fully automatic computer cutting stripping machine
Product Details:

Features Description

  • 1. The company carefully designed for axle-mounted wire, can timely, appropriate delivery of the main function of the main supply machine products.
  • The machine adopts multi-stage wiring, and can automatically adjust the speed of wiring with the host. It can be used for axle-mounted wires of different sizes. It can also detect the presence or absence of wires, wire joints and overload of wire feeding.
Type YG-GZ3+D
power AC 110 / 220V
Weight 235Kg
Size 1400 X 1300 X 1200mm
Power Inverter + motor (matched by spool weight)
Line type ?450mm--?1000mm
Deadweight 200Kg、400Kg、800Kg、1000Kg

Recommended model

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