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shaft mounted inteligent on line machine
Product Details:

Feature description
  • 1. The company carefully designed for axle wire, can be timely, appropriate amount of supply host for the main function of the product.
  • 2. This machine adopts Multi-segment type of line, and can automatically adjust the speed of the line with the host.
  • 3. This machine can be used for a variety of axle-mounted wire of different sizes, up to a maximum diameter of 550m/m, up to a maximum weight of 80Kgs.
  • 4. The function of this machine can detect the presence of wire, wire joints and feed overload.
Type YG-GZ3
Power AC 110 / 220V
Weihgt 97Kg
Size 850 L x 650 W x 1150 H mm
Power 450 W
Spool specification 外徑550 mm 以內
Deadweight Max80 Kg

Recommended model

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