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YG-G22 automatic Server double head solder Machine
Product Details:

1. The main components are imported brands: Germany FESTO solenoid valve, Japan SMC solenoid valve, Japan SMC cylinder, Japan Mitsubishi motor servo, Japan THK screw guide, Japan SMC digital pressure detection meter, Japan Omron OMRON temperature control table, Taiwan Weilun WEINVIEW display and so on.
2, using Japan's Mitsubishi control system, Japan's Mitsubishi PLC controller with full servo motor control, so that the line, cutting, stripping, twisting, dip tin and other positions are more accurate and stable, using all imported components, so that the equipment quality is more Guarantee, operation is more durable, smooth and stable.
3, full computer control: including cutting length, stripping length, half peeling length, twisting length, twisted wire tightness, tinned length, computer adjustment knife (no need for gasket), flux drop frequency, drop time, The computer is digitally operated and can be input on the display.
4, using computer-based automatic detection, low air pressure, motor failure, belt abnormality, etc. can automatically stop, and the detection shows the cause of the failure, easy to quickly remove the fault, the computer automatically prompts when there is no line, no flux.
5, the waste uses vacuum suction method to solve the distress of the tin water flux splashing around, clean, convenient and simple.
6. The machine runs with low noise, low power consumption, high speed, high efficiency and the computer has a memory storage function.

Model YG-G22
Power AC220V 50/60Hz single-phase
Function Wire cutting, single-side end play, double-end strip, single-ended semi-stripping, twisting single-ended, single-ended Wetting
Capability 8000~15000 pcs/h
Wire range AWG#12~AGW#32 
Cutting length 10mm~650mm
Cutting accuracy 0.1±0.01L
Stripping length 0~8mm
Twist length 3~8mm
Wetting length 0.5~8mm
Air pressure 3~7Kg
Dimension 1250x780x1380mm
Weight 420Kg

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