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YG-G3 automatic server double head terminal crimping machine
Product Details:

Feature description
1. The main components are imported brands: Germany FESTO solenoid valve, Japan SMC solenoid valve, Japan SMC cylinder, Japan Mitsubishi motor servo, Japan THK screw guide, Japan SMC number
Display air pressure test table, Japan Omron OMRON temperature control table, Taiwan Weilun WEINVIEW display.
2, using Japan's Mitsubishi control system, Japan's Mitsubishi PLC controller with full servo motor control, so that the position of wire feeding, cutting, stripping and other more precise and stable, using all imported components, so that equipment products The quality is more secure, the operation is more durable, smooth and stable.
3, using six sets of Japanese Mitsubishi servo motor, imported ball screw drive, so that the wire is transported, the ends of the wire stripped and the terminals at both ends are pressed very accurately, the action between each other Smooth.
4, the internal data adjustment is all on the computer (adjust the length of the cutting line, stripping length, tangent depth, pressure end position, etc.).
5. The automatic detection function can timely and effectively control the occurrence of defective products, and can be found and processed in time.
6. When special wire needs to be heated and peeled, it can be specially customized for heating type wire stripping automatic terminal machine, such as Teflon wire, fiber wire and so on!

Model YG-G3
Power AC220V 50/60 Hz single-phase
Function Wire cut, single end peeling, double end peeling, single end crimping, double end crimping
Capability 3800 pcs/h
Wire range AWG32-AWG18
Stripping length A:0.1mm-13mm B:0.1mm-10mm
Processing length 21mm-9999mm
Cutting accuracy ±0.1mm(0.1+0.005×L)mm
Air pressure 5-8kgf
Applicable terminal Continuous terminal, horizontal, straight, front end up to 25mm, rear end up to 25mm
Testing device Abnormal entry, insufficient air pressure, poor die, presence or absence of terminals, uninterrupted, unpeeled
Braking method servo motor
Crushing ability 2.0T
Dimension 1100×920×1600 mm
Weight 400kg

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